Glasgow Waves

The trip to this town was great, I caught some good shots and just thought the city is very special - has its character, you know? These wavy streets were great, they looked like optical illusions, really! Excited to share a few other ones from there :)

Hey folks, I’ve just returned from a 10 day trip to UK, which was incredible!  Worth all the trouble with the visa and the flights, rather than just hitch hiking. Been to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Skye all for the first time, and was very inspired by the people I’ve seen and photographed. 

Photo above - London Borough Market (one of my favorite places on earth)

Much love to you, Lou. Thank you. So glad to have met you. So incredibly grateful for your music and philosophy. 

anonymous artist

"Alexanderplatz is the place to be, people smiling everywhere" - from his song


b/w film photography

By the Jewish memorial

Street artist in Berlin

Young gypsies in Ostrava

"Make some noise, make some fucking noise, Ostrava!” 

Balkan Beat Box